Why I, as a web developer, hate Google

Google is the God of Internet. That fact was established nearly a decade ago. Google knows so much about its users that it’s sometimes scary. Right from what you want to buy for your mom on Mothers’ day to where you travel, it knows everything. Despite its omni-presence, the biggest product and still the biggest reason why it is known by majority of Internet users is search. Google is the king of them all. A number of search engines were developed before it came to existence and many were built afterwards; Yahoo’s new search system, Bing, DuckDuckGo and whatnot. None could challenge its supremacy in search.

For that one single reason, the term SEO is less of Search Engine Optimization and more of How to please Google. Any new website creator wishes to see his or her website at the top of Google’s results. But the rules of SEO change so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up for individual developers or smaller teams. Mix that with the speed at which new JavaScript frameworks are built and how Web 3.0 is coming up, it can easily drive you batshit crazy.

Why do I hate Google? Because it wants us to follow its rules or else, the rankings drop. Now, the rules were laid out here:


Read them and see this URL (of their own product forum):


Do you think they follow their own standards? I do not think so. Also, if we were to do something like this, our page rankings would take a dip (I faced it). Theirs? well, not so much, after all those who make the rules are free to break them and Google is neither a company, nor a democracy.


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