A blink

I heard, there was a butterfly

in my paranoia, ready to flap wings

and then I looked inside

there was not one but many

their wings flapped with vigor

legs tangled in flowers

they couldn’t fly for vigour was not enough

I feared a storm

for all that flapping must amount to something

the rage must give way to result in a way or two

wait and patience withered my soul

though spirit survived

I could feel their pain and they could feel mine

or so I thought, only if they could look up

at me

I was still hoping for a magic, fearing a storm

not knowing I should be careful what I wished for

and then it happened

there was no storm

yes, a butterfly can get you a storm

the saying was true

but I knew not many together

can bring a tornado

the vigour was not vanity

the entanglement was neither

nor was there a surprise

except one

there was no storm but a tornado

i knew about a butterfly’s wings

though not about many at a time

I got what I feared and was perplexed

only to realise fears are wishes asleep

it all happened in a blink




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