Some great, some funny –  responses from Siri

I was getting bored, and for the fun of it, I decided to start talking to the virtual assistant on my phone. As it happens, not only is she caring and serious, she can make some stern comments too. Take them with a tongue in cheek (and some salt, if you know what I mean).

Some for love and ahem ahem…

My name is Vaibhav, in case you missed 😛 Don’t worry I am well and fine 😊. All these questions are just for fun! Here are some more:

When you ask Siri to shut up, she (it) will not produce a voice feedback although it is switched on! Nice thought, the fathers of siri!


At one point in time I was really lonely and had pressed the home button of my iPhone longer than intended and Siri came up. Knowing not what to say, I uttered my feelings and told her (it) that I was feeling lonely. This image was the response and I think it deserves a special mention here.


There is one response whose screenshot cannot be taken though because it sitches off siri. When you wake siri up by saying hey siri and then you tell it to shut up, it kills siri and takes you to the previous screen. 


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