Value of Reliance Jio network – it’s not money

So, after saying that Jio might not pull it off and learning that the number of people that are actually registering for Jio is actually decreasing, I would like to point out that there are reasons I have started liking Jio, the biggest of which is simplicty. All members of my family, including myself have our primary mobile numbers on Airtel and for a single reason – coverage. After all, what good is a phone if there is no network available? While Jio has been slowly and steadily improving its network (and I think it is working), it still has a long way to go. However, there is one problem with Airtel. It’s this – you don’t know which plan with which packs will give you which benefits and which ones will be taken away.

For example, I got a postpaid plan from Airtel which gives me 3 GB data (only) along with unlimited voice calls and messages for Rs. 349 per month, which is not all that costly compared to the 303 plan from Jio which gives me the same, except that I can have 28 GB of data. Now, since I wasn’t using mobile data all that much, it was fine. However, I was later told by Airtel that the unlimited voice was actually not applicable for outgoing calls while I was in roaming (screw you, Airtel).

Now, I came to Bangalore (or, with love – namma bengaluru). The problem started. I had to make a number of calls and I found myself using Jio. I did not have a working broadband connection either. Guess what I was using? You guessed it – my Jio number. Now, I can probably get all of that for Rs. 700 using one of the infinity plans by Airtel and if I ditched my Jio number, the amount I would be spending would remain the same. But as I see it, I would still like to go with Jio. Why? Simplicity.

With Jio’s Prepaid number, I can rest assured that:

  1. Calls are free nationwide – roaming or not, incoming or outgoing, postpaid or prepaid. Calls are free (sigh). I do not have to hesitate a moment before calling anyone. I will not lose all my balance for making important-as-hell calls and feel really constrained in the middle of the day. For a prepaid user, this is such a relief!
  2. SMS is free nationwide – If the person does not use WhatsApp or whatever, I can always send a SMS without the worry of losing Rs. 50 today (50 paisa per SMS, capped at 100 SMS per day by TRAI). It will cost me nothing. I can have whole conversations over SMS. I can message anyone if needed.
  3. Enough Data: While 1 GB is not really enough for the times when every single page is nearly 3 MB, 1GB is still okay given there was a time, not long ago when I was paying about 1 rupee for browsing 4 pages (1 GB data came for Rs. 250 on an average). That translates into – I have enough data.
  4. It will not eat up my prepaid balance: Every telecom player had (/has) this crazy plan – if you are a prepaid user, have a data-pack enabled and have run out on the data pack, we will eat 0.1 Rupee per 10 KB from your main balance (that’s about Rs. 30 per page that you browse). With Jio I am sure that won’t happen. The speed will drop and (since 128 KbPS is just too low for modern website,) no page would open up but I can be sure that WhatsApp, Fb messenger, Gmail etc. will keep working well enough to carry me through the day. And heck, if I really, really, need data, I can get a recharge. Thus, I can use data without fear.

Now, I know what simplicity is. I know how and why macOS feel simple and why Linux feels simple. Simplicity has the ‘fire-and-forget’ quality to it. Simplicity, at least in terms of tech, means that you have set something up and then you don’t have to keep looking back at it; that you are sure it will take care of itself.

Look back at the pricing of Jio – it is simple. You pay a certain amount to Jio and feel free. You can be sure that now you can ‘communicate’ as much as you want without having to worry about almost anything. You are not always calculating how much data is left in the pack, how many SMS have you left in the pack or how many STD minutes have you already used. You just talk, message and chat. That’s it.

There it is – the real beauty of Jio is in being simple and worry-free.


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